Liquor License Consulting Services 


Let our experienced licensing professionals manage your 

liquor licensing needs.  Our consultants are uniquely 

qualified to handle your nationwide licensing requirements

and bring an unparalleled level of skill and experience to

the process, from the acquisition of liquor licenses, to the

resolution of licensing challenges, as well as license        

renewal and maintenance.  Our team includes both legal

and hospitality professionals with regulatory relationships

and experience throughout the United States.


Our nationwide services include:

- New License Applications, License Transfers and 

   Ownership Changes

- Expert advice during critical transitions, including, where

   available, the development of interim measures to ensure 

   uninterrupted service

- License Privilege Upgrades

- Code review, privilege assessments and pragmatic advice

   regarding your operation

- Entity qualification updates required to accommodate changes

   in Shareholders, Officers, Directors, Members, Managers, etc. 

- Compliance Audits

- License renewals and routine maintenance, including expert

   advice to assure the optimal exercise of licensing privileges

   and enhancement of revenue opportunities

- Creative and effective interaction with regulatory agencies in

   all facets of the licensing process, including administrative 

   accusations and compliance concerns

- Zoning, Land Use, CUP, SUP and contract analysis

- Development, training and implementation of company policy


Let us partner with you to maximize

your most valuable hospitality asset:

your liquor license!

We are highly skilled legal and hospitality professionals

with a problem solving orientation and proven 

methodologies to rapidly assess your situation and 

provide practical, immediate and effective business



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